Strategic engineering solutions for sustainable development of the country. At concept from implementation
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Interproject GmbH is one of the largest engineering companies in Ukraine that works well in the international market. Since 2006, the company specializes in designing and modernizing industrial objects in the agrarian sector, and later in the communal infrastructure sector.

The team employs more than 150 specialists, 60 of them are highly skilled engineers. Each year the design team develops more than three dozen objects. Interproject GMBH is a company of the full "design cycle". We accompany our customers: from the design of the project at the stage of the idea to the introduction in the operation of the realized object. We offer such a range of services as: consulting in the field of technology selection, project design, management of the course of the construction in order to control the timing, and minimize costs, automation, and technological launch of the enterprise. The engineering competence of the team allows customers to realize their most ambitious goals.

We are interested in the success of each of our clients and are committed to long-term relationships. The team Interproject GMBH formulates its mission as creating engineering solutions for improving the economy and the environment.

Our competence is an instrument of modernization and development of enterprises in agrarian and communal-residential sectors.

The company's specialists are constantly mastering promising directions and technologies that can design complex objects: powerful elevators, incinerators, bioethanol plants, biogas plants.
The process of learning new technologies in designing and continuous analysis of global and local trends in the agro-sector and energy-efficient technologies are part of our corporate culture.

We work with complex projects and make our client's life easier. We offer solutions that allow both businesses and entire industries to move to a more efficient level of development.
3D scanning
Oil extraction plant
Fructose factory 20.03.2019
Fructose factory 20.01.2020
Water treatment station
Development of IT- of the systems "Forland" and "Cloud City" for the management of assets of agrarian and water and sewerage industry became a logical step for development since the command of engineers and developers realized ten of projects for the leaders of industries
Forland is an automated system of agricultural business management and quality accounting of resources. Forland is a specially designed software and hardware suite that maximizes the automation of enterprise accounting and resource management.

The system consists of eight main modules:

  1. Production management
  2. Land Bank Management
  3. Field data management
  4. Crop control
  5. Mobile agronomist
  6. Management of fuel composition
  7. Logistics
  8. Spare parts order management
The introduction of the Cloud City system allows controlling of the growth of the engineering infrastructure of cities, analyze how it complicates and changes, collect real data, and on their basis, take decisions concerning the development of the city and the specific enterprises.

The Cloud City system is founded on the city digital map. The collected information in the system is connected to a particular subscriber and allows visualizing the consumption of water, heat, and electrical energy.

The Cloud City system covers the realization of several products:

  • a single window for the service user,
  • the billing system,
  • audit of engineering systems of the city,
  • construction of modern network operation services.
Ivan Kun
co-founder of a design and engineering company, CEO
Eugene Kun
co-founder of a design and engineering company
Vladimir Kun
Chief Engineer at Interprojekt GmbH
Vladimir Nerekov
Head of Design Department, Chief Project Engineer
Bogdan Goluboyar
Head of the Project Management Department
Mikhail Melnyk
Head of Automation Department
Sergey Glazkov
Head of Projects and Programs at the Interprojekt GmbH Design Department in the Material (Intangible) Production Area
Yaroslav Lutsky
Project Manager of the design department, leading design engineer
Andrey Mazurenko
Head of Projects and Programs at the Interpojekt GmbH Design Department
Anna Gorobets
Project manager, water treatment technologist
Svetlana Shapovalova
Head of Heating Networks and Communications
Inna Shevchuk
Leading Plumbing Engineer